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About the Tree Crew

Fil, Jim, Sam & George

Treevolution is a family run tree surgeon business based in Great Bromley, between Clacton, Colchester and Maningtree.

The happy crew are:
the crew

  • Fil Farn
  • Jim Farn
  • George Farn
  • Sam Normanton, adopted :-)

Why go professional?

By hiring professional tree surgeons you can enjoy peace of mind and a much better, tidier, faster and safer job.

"Professional" does not just mean paid - it means experienced, fully qualified and adequately insured. A professional firm will also tackle those harder jobs that some outfits won't take on.

Health and Safety

We have an exemplary safety record. With tree work, a little mistake or carelessness can mean a big problem, either to property or life. Our attention to detail and careful planning on every job ensures everyone keeps safe and free from damage or injury.


Q: What is Dendrophobia?

A: It is a fear of trees. Don't worry - none of us have it!

More coming soon