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Logs, Chipping & Mulch

Treevolution provide a full range of services to process the very useful by-products of tree work.

Mulching and Chipping

All the residual brush that is too small for logging is chipped; this is either used as mulch for planting replacement trees or is used for soil reconstitution.

You, the client, can choose to keep the mulch or we can remove it.

We are very aware of environmental impact and try to keep our work as carbon neutral as possible.

Logs and Firewood

If you require the wood from your felled trees we can log it to the required length, or we will remove the wood.

We have ample storage to allow us to properly season quality firewood suitable for burning at home. We sell logs, mixed hardwood and softwood, by the bag or tipper load.

  • 1 cubic metre sack: £60.00
  • 1 tipper load (about 3 sacks):
  • We deliver free within a 10 mile radius. (We will deliver further afield but may charge for fuel, depending on order size.)

Our wood varieties include: ash, oak, cherry, chestnut, hazle, pine, cyprus, walnut, sycamore, birch etc

We supply different lengths to your requirements, for open fires or log burners.

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