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Tree Consultancy Services

Treevolution offer their experience in a wide range of consultancy services, including:

Woodland management

We can advise on all aspects of woodland and habitat management. This includes planting and replanting strategies, choice of suitable species, thinning and reduction of growth, and creating biodiversity. For example when coppicing we will not necessarily remove all the residual brush, but instead will create wildlife havens for beetles, hedgehogs, shrews and many other creatures, whilst maintaining a natural look.

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is the pruning and other treatment of old, diseased or damaged trees. A good tree surgeon will be able to suggest the best alternatives to give your tree a new lease of life. Tree surgery is sometimes considered to be the same as arbiculture (or arboriculture) - and that's fine by us, as we do it all anyway!

Protected Trees

We are well used to liaising with local tree planners to manage protected trees. For instance in St Osyth near the Priory we met with the tree owner and the local tree planner to work out the best strategy for a huge Horse Chestnut tree. We decided on a 50% reduction, retaining the tree's beautiful shape but thinning it out and lifting the crown sufficiently to give back light and tv reception to neighbours!

woodland management